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Update by user Apr 01, 2015

Hello everyone. I seriously appreciate the responses that I have received in regards to filing a class action lawsuit against this company.

Unfortunately, I am long able to participate in the suit because it is limited to California. You do have the option of starting a class action lawsuit in your state. This is the information that was recently provided to me by the attorney.

I apologize for the inconvenience. Please do not email me because I do not have any further information.

Original review posted by user Nov 05, 2014

I am super excited. My email box is flooding with pissed consumers.

Yesterday I posted the information from the attorney who contacted me in regards to this issue concerning our swindled merchandise and how eCycle Best has completely low balled us. One consumer sent me photos to post on here as well. Nonetheless, I would like to offer a bit of advice. Follow suit to file a complaint with the BBB if you feel that you will get results.

In my experience, the BBB is nothing more than a complaint center, which has it excellent points. However, in our situation, it will not retrieve our devices nor will it get our monies that we were quoted. Therefore, I have taken the liberty to initiate a Class Action Lawsuit against eCycle Best. The last two pics were sent to me from another "Pissed Consumer." If you notice in my "Payment History," they paid me for a device that I NEVER owned.

It has been years since I owned an HTC anything. Please see my previous posts as I have listed the information for the attorney there. (I do not have her information saved on my desktop. I was on my laptop when I was posting yesterday).

You may also reach out to me by email at and I will be happy to forward you her information that way. In addition, you may also reach out to me via Facebook.

I created a page called Pissed Consumer. Look for the pic of the Pink iPhone sitting on my laptop in the pic provided.

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North Little Rock, Arkansas, United States #1233587

I sent them a iPhone 6 plus and a HTC one 8m both in perfect condition they offered $350 and I haven't heard back from them tried to call and a message pops up saying there work hours I really needed that money. I just don't know what to do with this. Hope some one stop them.

New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, United States #1061716

Has anyone tried to have them shut down? What steps would one have to take? I'm going to look into this.

Oceanside, California, United States #972361

Yeah what a rip off! I would've donated my S4 Galaxy to charity for free rather than have these sleezebags take it.

Included extra battery, wall and car charger, and the original box I bought it in.

And all of that for the whopping price of $24. Don't do business with ecyclebest!!!!!

Tampa, Florida, United States #960127

I also was scammed by ecycle best ..I sold two laptops that was around the house they quoted 63.00 each which would of been $126.00 they only send $40.00 and told me my computers was damaged when they got them and that's not true ..Would like to start or be apart of a class action law suit against ecyclebest

Huntsville, Alabama, United States #926408

I got ripped off too, offered me 37 for my galaxy s5. Called customer service 20 times to try to get my phone back. They completely screwed with me, would hang up, never intended returning my device.

to mccullough72385 Edwardsville, Illinois, United States #966469

Yes , the first person answers saying they can't answer our question then sends us listening to music for 10 minutes acting like there is high call volume when really it's their way of screwing us. They need to be sued. Horrible company.

Cranbury, New Jersey, United States #920163

I never received any emails indicating what they were offering, so I'd question that practice a swell. I'm an IT professional, so I know things can get routed to junk mail-I have been keeping an eye out for something from them since I Sent it to them, decided to go to their site and find out they only paid 50.00 in stead of the 343 quoted.

Pretty sure I haven't sold anything to these thieves in the past, yet they show other devices in my account. I would not have gone back two additional times to sell a phone only to get ripped off both times after the initial scam.

Sperry, Oklahoma, United States #919668

Same thing happened to me..sold them 3 devices, got quoted $476. Only got $75.

I have tried to reach them since September, with calling, response. So pissed.

Mineola, New York, United States #908761

I got ripped off too, offered me 220 for my device ended up with $38. Called customer service 20 times to try to get my phone back.

They completely screwed with me, would hang up, promise call backs, never intended returning my device.

When I got into it with one of the customer service reps I could hear his colleagues in the background laughing at me. This company is pure evil!



Ecycle Best is an incredible ripoff. I wish I checked the Better Business Bureau forLaptop & Desktop Repair, LLC before my kid tried to sell his iPad to them.

What a ripoff. BAIT & SWITCH!

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